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Hot drinks

Coffee Menu

Filter Coffee 1.95

A rich filtered coffee served with either cream or milk

Espresso 1.95

A small but powerful black coffee characterised by a delicate mousy head called a crema

Cappuccino 2.25

A combination of strong espresso smoothed out with equal quantities of steamed milk and foamed milk garnished with chocolate

Caffe Latte 2.55

A tall refreshing coffee using espresso and steamed milk capped with a small foamed milk to keep in the warmth

Caffe Mocha 2.55

A medley of pure espresso and chocolate filled with steamed milk and crowned with foamed milk

Americano 1.95

A pure espresso topped up with hot water


Traditional English 1.95

A classic blend of Kenyan, Assam and Ceylon tea for that traditional taste

Earl Grey 1.95

A scented tea blended from oriental leaves and flavoured with bergamot

Darjeeling 1.95

Grown at the base of the Himalayas and known as the “champagne of teas”

Assam 1.95

Grown in Northern India it has a bright colour and distinctive malty taste

Ceylon 1.95

This high grown Broken Orange Pekoe tea has golden liquor and a fine bouquet

Pure Green Tea 1.95

Finest green leaves have been blended to produce a light, fresh tasting tea that is golden in colour

Lemon Tea 1.95

A tang of lemon has been added to fine China tea to produce a very refreshing taste

Pure Chamomile 1.95

A caffeine-free light and delicate relaxing infusion.

Peppermint Tea 1.95

Has a wonderful aroma and a taste that is both refreshing and soothing

A selection of fruit teas available please ask for the latest list  

Floater Coffee’s

Fresh filter coffee, served piping hot with your choice of liqueur, brown sugar with chilled fresh cream floating on top:

  • Irish -  Whiskey 3.95
  • Highland - Scotch Whisky 3.95
  • Scottish- Drambuie 3.95
  • Calypso - Tia Maria 3.95
  • Italiano - Strega 3.95
  • Caribbean - Dark Rum 3.95
  • Russian - Vodka 3.95
  • Parisienne/French - Brandy 3.95

Why not experiment and try a floater coffee using the liqueur of your choice. e.g. Baileys, Cointreau etc