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Children’s Menu

Children’s Breakfast

Little Persons Breakfast 4.95

Bacon, sausage, egg, beans, toast, glass milk

Little Persons Veggie Breakfast 4.95

Mushroom, vegan sausage, halloumi, egg, beans, glass milk

Additional options or create your own from:

Sausage 1.95

Back Bacon (2 rashers) 1.95

Egg choice fried, scrambled or poached 1.00

Rosti potato 1.65

Bubble and squeak 1.65

Garlic mushrooms 1.85

2 slices Toast or buttered bread 1.50

1 slice fried bread 1.50

Black pudding 1.50

Grilled Tomatoes 2 halves 1.00

Baked beans 1.50

Halloumi 1.65

Spicy kale 1.50

Granola, yoghurt, mixed berries 5.50 & banana (vegan option available)

Porridge with banana, berries or honey 4.95 (vegan option available)


Creamy mash 2.50

Wild Rice 2.50

Spinach 2.50

Garlic Mushrooms 2.50

Chunky Chips 2.50

Onion Rings 2.50

Carrots Shards 2.50

Peas 2.50

Broccoli 2.50

Rosti potato 2.50

Mediterranean couscous 2.50

Coriander & ginger sesame croquette 2.50

Oven roasted spicy Kale 2.50


All our small diners meals will be served without garnish and herbs sprinkled on the top

Sausage mash peas and gravy/veggie sausage, mash, peas and gravy 5.00

Southern fried chicken and chips 5.00

Slider burger with chips/halloumi sliders with chips 5.00

Penne Bologna/tomato & vegetable Penne 5.00

Fish fingers and chips beans 5.00


White, Granary, Wholemeal bread or White or Wholemeal wrap. Can be plain or toasted. All of our sandwiches are served aside mixed leaves and coleslaw

Here are some of our suggestions but if you fancy something more classic please ask

Ground Central breakfast sandwich 5.50

Sausage, bacon & egg with tomato relish

Vegetarian Ground Central 5.50

Mushroom, rosti, halloumi with tomato relish

Honey roast ham with Cheddar cheese 4.50

Local egg mayonnaise with watercress 4.50

Smoked Chicken & baby gem lettuce 5.00

Fish finger & tomato relish 4.50

Steak sandwich rocket & tomato, red onion marmalade 6.00

Lite Bites

Garlic bread with balsamic dip 1.95

Raw veggie dippers with humous 1.95

Soup of the day 1.95


Chocolate brownie 2.00

Cupcakes 2.00

See patisserie cabinet for flavours


Chocolate cake 2.50

Made with fair trade chocolate and filled with chocolate butter cream

Victoria sponge 2.50

Made with locally sourced ingredients and Filled with vanilla butter cream and strawberry Jam

Carrot cake 2.50

Made with locally sourced ingredients and a pinch of cinnamon, filled with cream cheese frosting

Red velvet cake 2.50

Made with locally sourced ingredients, buttermilk and our secret ingredient!

See our patisserie display for more choices

Toasted teacake with butter 2.50

Two slices of homemade banana bread with a hint of cinnamon 3.50

Plain scone and butter 2.50

Fruit scone and butter 2.50

Cheese and bacon scone and butter 2.50

See patisserie display for different flavours of cupcakes £2.00 each or treat yourself to a box for £7.00

Belgium Waffles

Freshly made Belgium Waffle 3.50

To accompany your waffles why not choose one of the toppings below:

All toppings 2.00 each

Banana, toffee sauce topped with chocolate & hazelnut ice cream

Apple & cinnamon compote & vanilla ice cream

Wild berry & mint compote topped with vanilla ice cream

Strawberry & chocolate shavings

Bacon & maple syrup

Any other variety and our chefs will be more than happy to create

Ice cream/Sorbet

Trio of ice cream and sorbet 5.00

Ice cream


Milk chocolate & hazelnut


Strawberry & balsamic vinegar

Mint & dark chocolate chip


Lemon & lime

Raspberry & thyme

Mango & papaya

Milk Shakes

Chocolate Chip 3.45

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips

Strawberry Whip 3.45

Vanilla frozen yogurt with real strawberries

Banana Blast 3.45

Vanilla frozen yogurt with real banana

Salted Caramel 3.45

Salted caramel yogurt with a caramel crunch

Cookies & Cream 3.45

Vanilla frozen yogurt with crushed cookies

Raspberry Pavlova 3.45

Raspberries, vanilla yogurt and meringue pieces

Cold Drinks

Juices 2.25

Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Cranberry

Fizzy drink 2.25

Coke, Diet coke, Soda water, Lemonade